Are You An Overspender?

Taking Control of My Finances!

Are You an Overspender?


To solve a problem, you must first identify it!

Ask yourself the following questions:

___Am I still paying bills from purchases made a year ago?

(disregard home and car payments)

___Do I use credit cards even when the purchase is small and I have cash?

___Is my checking account frequently overdrawn?

___Do I race to get my paycheck to the bank before checks come in that I have written?

___Am I often broke before payday?

___Have I stopped having or adding to a savings account?

___Do I sometimes wonder why II have a particular purchase?

___Do I ever give away new things because I really don’t need or want them?

___I am depressed about my finances?

___Do I feel out of control when faced with a buying decision?

___Do others kid me about my champagne taste and beer budget?

___Do I juggle payments to keep creditors satisfied?

___Are my credit accounts often at the maximum credit line?

___Do I shop for recreation?

___Do I notice mood swings before shopping?

___Do I fear sinking into bankruptcy if I do not stop spending?

___Do I ever feel free to spend more after cleaning up a debt?

___Am I surprised at how much interest I pay annually?

___Would a small change in my income or an unusual expense throw my finances into chaos?

___Do I hope my children will handle money better than I do?

___What I am doing on a regular basis to improve my money skills?


If you answered YES more often that NO, you are probably a chronic overspender… Fear not, I am here to help you learn and practice healthy attitudes and behavior with your money!

Contact Me to learn the Top 10 Habits of Healthy Finances! 

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