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Cost of LONG Term Care…..

According to the 2012 MetLife Market Survey of Long Term Care Costs, the average annual cost for a private room in a nursing home is $90,520.7 The national average annual cost for a semiprivate room in a nursing home is only slightly lower at $81,030. Based on previous increases, these annual costs are expected to increase […]

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Secure Passwords!

Your password should: be at least 8 characters in length have at least 1 number have at least 1 special character like % or = have both upper and lowercase characters NOT contain the name of your favorite animal NOT contain the name of a pet NOT contain the name of a family member NOT […]

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Are You An Overspender?

Taking Control of My Finances! Are You an Overspender?   To solve a problem, you must first identify it! Ask yourself the following questions: ___Am I still paying bills from purchases made a year ago? (disregard home and car payments) ___Do I use credit cards even when the purchase is small and I have cash? […]

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Diabetes Info

DIABETES “There’s no diabetes that’s not bad. It’s all serious.”—Anne Daly, American Diabetes Association. Like many people who think that they are reasonably healthy, they ignore the nagging symptoms. They might blamed the persistent thirst on the antihistamines they take. They might attribute the frequent urination to an excess intake of water. And the tiredness—well, […]

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The BBG BoiseBuildersGroup

We had a wonderful meeting last night. Will Barrow gave us a look into the world of Home Inspection and Kevin Kelso shared the evolution of window washing tools and technics. Very educational. Are you a home owner? Do you know home owners? Please visit the Boise Builders Group Website for a complete list of […]

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